Headline Generator

Headline Variables
[Product Offering] 
[Incredibly Good] -Noun 
[Incredibly Bad] -Gerund 
[Premise] -Noun 
[Awesome Outcome] -Noun 
[In This Kind of Pain or Anxiety] -Verb 
[Achieved an Awesome Outcome] -Verb past tense 
[Overcoming a Massive Disadvantage] -Noun 
[Live the Promise / Have the Result We Provide] -starts with a Verb 
[A Low Magnitude Change, Activity or Situation] -Gerund 
[Prospect in Pain / Problem We Solve] -Noun 
[Prospect Who is Living The Promise] -Noun 
[Situation More Painful Than The Pain] -Verb 
[Deliver You To The Promised Land] -Verb 
[Prevent You From Experiencing More Pain] -Gerund 
[Type of Prospect] -Noun 
[Now Living The Promised Land] -Gerund 
[Initial Negative Reaction To The Premise] -Gerund 
[Reach The Shore of The Promised Land] -Verb 
[Not Increasing Pain/Effort/Anxiety/Loss] -Gerund 
[Number of Statistics] -Noun 
[Easy Way To Start] -Verb / Action 
[Average Cost of Doing It The Hard Way (Use Odd Number)] -Noun 
[Surprisingly Short Period of Time For Results] -Noun 
[An Expert In This Field] -Noun 
[Name Of The Category, Industry, Topic] -Noun / Gerund 
[Product Name (If Relevant)] -Noun / Gerund 

If the headline is for a post, keep it under 55 characters
Interchange uppercase and lowercase subject lines. lowercase is a more casual style and may be better suited to certain audiences. A/B test versions against one another.
Consider adding the following to your email headlines
[Case Study]
[New Video]
[XX% Discount]
[Final Hours]
[Last Chance]
[Limited Time]

Use the tool to write 3 headlines for each product, post or email. Refine with colleague input.
Ask yourself "Why does this matter?"
Avoid being clever or cute
Write for the reader, not for your product
Write to an individual avatar. That is a single person that is your target audience.
Make sure the content of the product, email or post supports the promise of the headline